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In this paper, we are going to discuss the architectural specification, cache mapping techniques, write policies, performance. Explain cache memory and describe cache mapping technique. Cache mapping cache mapping techniques gate vidyalay. Placed between two levels of memory hierarchy to bridge the gap in access times between processor and main memory our focus between main memory and disk disk cache. What is cache mapping cache mapping techniques computer organisation and architecture. Consider a cache consisting of 128 blocks of 16 words each, for total of 20482k works and assume that the main memory is addressable by 16 bit address. Cache memory is an extremely fast memory type that acts as a buffer between ram and the cpu.

Table of contents i 4 elements of cache design cache addresses cache size mapping function direct mapping associative mapping setassociative mapping replacement. Gate exam preparation online with free tests, quizes, mock tests, blogs, guides, tips and material for comouter science cse, ece. Cache mapping is a technique by which the contents of main memory are brought into the cache memory. Cache memory helps in retrieving data in minimum time improving the system performance. Cache memory mapping techniques free download as pdf file.

Pdf functional implementation techniques for cpu cache memories. Cache memory mapping techniques with diagram and example. Cache coherence problem figure 7 depicts an example of the cache coherence problem. Cache mapping is performed using following three different techniques in this article, we will discuss practice problems based on cache mapping techniques. Cache memory is one form of what is known as contentaddressable memory. Cache mapping is a technique by which the contents of main memory are brought into the cache. Expected to behave like a large amount of fast memory. Cache mapping defines how a block from the main memory is mapped to the cache memory in case of a cache miss. Memory initially contains the value 0 for location x, and processors 0 and 1 both read location x into their caches. Direct mapping of main memory blocks to cache blocks. Three techniques can be used for mapping blocks into cache lines. Cache memory is costlier than main memory or disk memory but economical than cpu registers. The different cache mapping technique are as follows.

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